MDI Community Sailing
Southwest Harbor
Mount Desert Island, Maine
Who We Are

Board of Directors

  • John T. Roberts, Jr., President
  • Ryan Donahue, Vice President
  • Ward Mackenzie, Treasurer
  • Charles Wray, Secretary
  • Melissa Hirsch
  • Anne Hopkins
  • Chip Hutchins
  • Ingrid Kachmar
  • William Knowlton
  • Brooke Mcllvaine
  • Will Ratcliff
  • Peter Smith
  • Bill Wright

  • Executive Director
  • Glenn W.Squires
Charter Sponsors In 2007-2008, when MDICSC became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, these individuals made an initial contribution of at least $5,000 each to help get us underway. We will always be indebted for their help.

  • Anonymous
  • Wells and Mary Bacon
  • Hope and Jay Benton
  • Jason and Ashley Bernhard
  • Charlotte Bordeaux
  • Julie Bracken
  • Charles Butt
  • Tristram and Ruth Colket, Jr.
  • Jock Crothers
  • Ruth Fraley
  • Peter and Elisabeth Glass
  • Stephen and Nancy Homer
  • Cuyler and Cindy Morris
  • Tom and Tina Morris
  • Oceanus Institute
  • Eliot and Linda Paine
  • John and Kathy Roberts
  • Paul and Robin Vermylin
  • Kenneth and Carol Weg
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