MDI Community Sailing
Southwest Harbor
Mount Desert Island, Maine


(1996-2019) The MDI Community Sailing Center (MDICSC) is an independent non-profit organization located on Clark Point Road in Southwest Harbor, Maine. It offers maritime education and boating instruction to the general public of Mount Desert Island and surrounding coastal communities. MDICSC has become an important part of the lives of many people. It is more than just a place to sail. Since 1996 it has grown to become somewhat of a social club. It is a meeting place for both youth and adults to share their love of the ocean, the coast, and the pleasures of boating. Many of the 200 plus youth who utilize the facility each spring, summer, and fall would be at a loss without this affordable, healthy environment in which to interact.

Our Plans for the Future

Long-range Strategic Goals
  • Build an endowment for staffing and educational support
  • Secure long-term access to the waterfront
  • Expand operational support and funding for summer junior and adult programs

Goal: 5-year Strategic Plan
  • Staffing plan for MDICSC
  • Staff housing
  • Fleet plan for MDICSC
  • Fleet support for maintenance and storage

Goal: Endowment Building
Build endowed funds for:
  • Educational program support and staffing
  • Integrate endowment with program needs outlined in 5-year strategic plan
  • Independently seek funding through grants, corporate funds, and annual campaigns

Goal: Waterfront Access
Own waterfront access to include:
  • Simple instruction facility
  • Suitable waterfront for safe instruction and boat access
  • Maintain stable long-term lease or purchase

Goal: Expand Community Programs
  • Develop and staff sailing programs in the spring and fall
  • Plan, develop, and staff winter educational programs
  • Boat maintenance, workshops

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